Dear visitors,

Child of the South, born in Montpellier in 1986, I now work and live in Paris.

My painting is pursuing a research, if I may put it that way, of a technique and a design which might support the strain of a peculiar relationship to the world. That elusive tension that you can feel, experience everyday, consists, as I see it, in a constant back and forth movement between a rational appeal, the form (structure, discipline, rule), and its antipode, sensual, visceral, poetic. Sensitive to this spectrum, I work on a grid, layer after layer, over the months, alternating freedom during self-expression sessions, and those rationalising which confined to the unit of a square.

Over time, some patterns remain, others fade, and from that oscillations interweaving between time and space, arise the pattern. The research point, but also the stopping point of a painting occurs  when those two strengths manage to live together. The needed subjective balance then appears, and gives the sense of this impulse. Those conflicting appeals, forces of conquest against the other, can nevertheless tend to a fragile balance. Between back and forth. Each other. Because we must believe in this living together.

The titles works on the same posture with a very formal first part, hyphen, an open and more poetic end.
These are extractions of different entries written on the back of paintings and fueling their development over the sessions. Wether it can be the number of sessions, dates, music, quotes, souvenir, people or influences (Cézanne, De Staël, Toroni, Marden, Lewitt, …), this material represents a list of anchor points, which layer after layer, develops in this back and forth the composite nature of being.
These are some brief explanations of the research that is mine and leads me to receive you.

Wishing you a good visit ,

De tout coeur,

Florian Monfrini